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Does this sound like you? 

I`m not sleeping 

I`m sick of dieting and not getting anywhere 

I don`t want get out of bed 

I`m depressed 

I can`t stay focused 

I have low libido 

I am here to help why not call for a consultation today? 


I am an FNTP (The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners) Accredited Nutritional Therapist who helps individuals to live naturally healthy, long and happy lives. In addition to coaching my clients to help them with lifestyle and nutritional changes, I am also able to offer my clients DNA testing, intolerance testing and a personalised health plan to help you to achieve your health goals.

    What I do

I will identify the root cause of your issue(s) and I will then tailor your treatment plan, provide advice and prescribe any remedies and tests you might need - I will also advise on the number of sessions needed.

I will find the solution whatever the symptoms, for you - and your family. I will help you achieve the correct balance between food and exercise. You are going to look and feel healthier with more energy and will enjoy a much more naturally toned body.

I will also test your water and your sugar levels if necessary and I will advise accordingly, please note: water and sugar testing are only available in a face to face session.


During the pandemic, I am offering flexible online consultations. I am hoping to see my clients face-to-face as soon as it is safe. I am happy to travel to meet you for a consultation throughout London and, I am happy to visit you at your home although this will incur an additional fee depending on location.


Via Skype/ WhatsApp/ Messenger/ Zoom

1 hour consultation pay as you go £139

Packages available

4 x 1 hour consultations - £475 (saving of £81).

10 x 1 hour sessions £695 (saving of £695 when booked as a package).

Follow up maintenance consultations £139 per 1 hour session.

The number of additional sessions required and the price, will be discussed at the consultation, please call or email to find out more. If I don`t answer straight away it means that I am in a consultation, please leave a message and I will contact you as soon as I can.

My aim is to help you live longer and healthier, so please give me a call today.

My nutritional support is based on personal experience, alkaline & live food nutrition, to suit your own individual needs.

I aim to improve your health by supporting your digestion and help you with the absorption of the right nutrients, promote the removal of toxins, increase energy and hormonal balance, encouraging healthy neurotransmitter production, boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation. With my nutritional support and wide range of products I can assist you with various health issues including but not limited to:

Weight management

Digestion and Bowel Health

Fatigue and Low Energy

Stress or Mood Issues

Immune Support

Fertility and Pregnancy

Menstrual problems


Male & female hormones

Skin Health

Cardiovascular Health

Joints and Bone Health

Allergies and Intolerances

Accurate blood tests delivered to your home

We offer over 80 finger-prick blood tests to help you check your health or monitor a condition from the safety of your home. Included are the very popular food intolerance (finger-prick) and the DNA a (painless saliva swab).


Tests have become the smarter approach to health and fitness. Simply by doing a simple and painless saliva swab, the DNA test can benefit everyone over the age of 18. You will get a personalized health plan and you will learn how to make your workouts work for you. In addition to this, you will receive a wellbeing report to discover stress tolerance, sleep, weight gain and bone density reports.

You will know everything about your body and will be able to introduce what you need and prevent any illnesses. Imagine how much simpler it would be to know what your weaknesses and strengths are from the very beginning and what this tool can do for you health wise and academically; how much happier you would be if you could be directed to the right path.

Corporate Testing

I would like to add that a corporate testing service is available where I visit the workplace and carry out the required tests on-site. The advantage of this is that all tests are carried out in one place on your workforce with minimal loss of working hours. Testing your workforce serves many purposes. It ensures that any underlying allergies and issues they are not aware of can be identified and treated, resulting in fewer unexplained days off sick and a happier, healthier workforce.

Please enquire for details

Please call or email me today to see how I can help you.

Please see below for a list of tests:

Food tolerance/ Allergies (testing available from age 2+)

  • Covid-19 Antibody

  • Essential health tests

  • Homocysteine test

  • Complete health and nutrition test

  • Women's health- Pregnancy/ Fertility/ Hormones

  • Men's health- Fertility/Hormones

  • Thyroid

  • Sports Performance

  • Wellness Conditions

  • Energy

  • Nutrition

  • Stress

  • Gut health

  • Sexual health

  • DNA (Adults) This test includes fitness results, stress and sleep results, obesity risk & bone mineral density risk results. Please note; not all companies include these last four very important reports.

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