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Accredited Nutritionist - DLN, FNTP, Dip AIT, Dip LCLI, LCS

I was born in Sardinia which is described as one of the only five Blue Zones in the world.

Blue Zones are regions of the world where scientific evidence proves that a higher
than usual number of people live a much longer and healthier life than average.
Being from the Mediterranean, I was brought up eating organic food and
cooking what was in season - my parents grew everything! I am passionate
about longevity and I want to help you live a long, healthy life and the
Mediterranean diet is one of my specialisms.
My interest in nutrition has served me well professionally; I have always
worked in industries in which appearance is important. I worked in the beauty
industry for many years, my focus being skin quality.
Many skin conditions are linked to poor and sugary diets, and by combining
diet and exercise in my treatments, achieved excellent results. A good diet and
exercise goes hand-in-hand with an unblemished, healthy skin.
I have experienced the stress of modern life - running a business single-handed, suffering exhaustion through lack of sleep as well as experiencing
personal loss.

Help with hormone health as well as boosting your immune
system may resolve many issues. Understanding nutrition has changed my life
and it can change yours too.

Please call or email me today to see how I can help you.

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